Phrasal Verb Conversation Club

Learn more natural English and start speaking more comfortably and confidently

Are you ready to start using your English more naturally?

Are you ready to walk confidently into your job interview?

Are you ready for more comfort and success in daily life in English?

Then let me help you achieve a better use of natural, confident, and comfortable English conversations.

Let me guide you to more opportunities with a stronger English fluency

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Imagine this:

What if you could....

  • finally learn phrasal verbs in English and actually USE THEM in conversations
  • finally have the opportunity to practice speaking with a real person every week
  • finally feel happy and confident with your level of English
  • finally have better communication and speaking skills

This is possible!

You can learn phrasal verbs and use them!

You can get speaking practice every week!

You can feel happy and confident in English level!


Yes! You can have better communication and speaking skills!


Welcome to the Club!

The Phrasal Verb Conversation Club is the place for you to learn, remember, practice, and use more phrasal verbs in English.

Every month you'll learn new phrasal verbs in a natural context, with audio and text showing how they are used.

You'll learn how you can use the phrasal verbs in your own English conversations.

You'll get practical application to connect them to your own life and use.

You'll improve pronunciation skills with audio to practice to linking, reducing, and natural English speech.

You'll practice speaking with others.

....and so much more!

This program is NOT just a list of phrasal verbs and definitions.

This program is MORE than just example sentences.

This course is for you, if you...

...are frustrated with your level of English.

...are tired of learning phrasal verbs and not remembering them.

...are ready to do something different for yourself and for your English!


The Club will help you every week, here's how:

Week 1:

Introduction of Phrasal Verbs in context with text/audio/[maybe] video & some exercises-- you'll be learning in the most natural way possible!

Week 2:
Review of the phrasal verbs in new situational contexts to provide additional meaning & understand how they're used. You'll get practice with native speakers, too!
Week 3:
Application to your life with exercises, so you can use them in your own conversations, daily life, etc.. This week will give you a lot of speaking practice!
Week 4:
Review, practice, and wrap up - Let's get together and talk about what we learned! We'll have a LIVE group conversation call and students will join the live call to talk with me and the others in the group!

Class Curriculum

Are you ready to learn with me?

Your Instructor

Jennifer Nascimento
Jennifer Nascimento

I am Jennifer, founder and teacher at English Outside the Box.

Through daily Instagram posts, weekly blog lessons and YouTube videos, I help English learners master their everyday English skills. I help them feel more confident, speak more naturally, and use better English every day.

I have worked, lived, and traveled in Spain, Australia, Brazil, and of course the U.S. and have helped hundreds of students in over 30 countries. Eu falo português (I speak Portuguese), so am familiar with the process of learning a language, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join this course?
Now! You can sign up early and reserve your spot in the club for a special early bird price, only until Tuesday, April 18th and then the price will increase. The club opens to everyone in May and starts in May, specifically May 8th!
When does the club officially start?
Our kickoff party will be Sunday, May 7 and your first month's material will be available on May 8th. The kickoff party will be a time for us to meet and hang out together!
Will I practice speaking with you on Skype?
The conversation club will give you speaking practice that you will do alone, with other club members, and in our monthly group calls. Each month students will talk with me directly on Skype/Google Hangout during our group call! The best part is that you will be speaking EVERY WEEK, a few times during each week.
What if I don't like the club? Can I get a refund?
If you don't like the club, you can cancel your subscription at any time! If you participate with the materials, and complete your exercises, then I know you'll improve your speaking! If not, send me an email showing me your work and I'll give you a full refund within the first 30 days.
What will I get in the club?
You will get access to the Phrasal Verb Club 'classroom' with new material each month. The material will be in video, audio, and PDF formats that you can review on your computer, tablet, or mobile device!
Is this club right for me and my level?
In order to understand the materials and participate in the group calls, you should have at least an intermediate level of English. Additionally, if you're serious about improving, and want to speak better English, then YES! This club is right for you.

Let's do this! Let's improve your English fluency!

reserve your spot now, and get in early..

Get started now!

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